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Essential Landscaping Equipment, Tools, Trucks & Trailers For a New Landscaping Business

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Every landscaping business needs essential landscaping equipment to get started. This equipment includes tools, trucks, and trailers that are necessary for the day-to-day operations of the business. Without this equipment, it would be difficult to complete landscaping projects. In this article, we will outline what each type of essential landscaping equipment is and why it is important for a new landscaping business.


Essential Landscaping Equipment that Every New Landscaping Business Needs

Essential landscaping equipment falls into three categories:

  • Tools
  • Trucks
  • Trailers

Tools include items that are necessary for landscaping projects such as lawn mowers, edgers, and trimmers. These items are essential for keeping the landscaping area looking neat and tidy.

Trucks are necessary for transporting landscaping materials to and from job sites. landscaping businesses need trucks that are large enough to transport all of the necessary materials for a landscaping project.

Trailers are used to store landscaping equipment when it is not in use. landscaping businesses need trailers to store their equipment in between jobs.

Landscaping businesses need all of this essential landscaping equipment to operate. Let’s look at each category in more detail.



Every landscaping business needs a variety of tools to get the job done. The most important tool for a landscaper is a lawn mower. A lawn mower is used to cut grass and can be either push or riding. If the landscaping business will be working on large properties, then a riding lawn mower is necessary. Other essential landscaping tools include a leaf blower, hedge trimmer, and weed whacker. These tools are necessary for keeping the landscaping looking neat and tidy.

A list of essential landscaping tools includes:

  • Lawnmower
  • Leaf blower
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Weed Whacker
  • Trimmers
  • Pruners
  • Edgers
  • Shovels
  • Rakes
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Spreaders
  • Sprayers
  • Dethatchers
  • Buckets
  • Hoses
  • Hand tools such as trowels



A landscaping business will need at least one truck to haul landscaping equipment and materials to and from job sites. The type of truck that is needed will depend on the size of the landscaping business and the types of projects that will be completed. For example, a landscaping business that specializes in landscaping residential properties will need a smaller truck than a landscaping business that works on commercial properties.

Some truck options for landscaping businesses include:

  • Pickup truck (1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, or 1 ton)
  • Dump truck
  • Flatbed truck
  • Utility truck



A landscaping business will also need trailers to haul landscaping equipment and materials. The type of trailer that is needed will again depend on the size of the landscaping business and the types of projects that will be completed. A landscaping business that only works on small landscaping projects may only need a small trailer, while a landscaping business that works on large landscaping projects will need a large trailer.

Some landscaping trailer options to consider are:

  • Open trailers
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Utility trailers

Now that we have outlined the essential landscaping equipment that every new landscaping business needs, we hope this has helped you better understand what is necessary to get started in the landscaping business.



This is just a basic outline of the essential landscaping equipment, tools, trucks, and trailers that a new landscaping business will need. Of course, there are other pieces of equipment that may be needed depending on the specific type of landscaping work that will be completed. However, these are the essential items that every landscaping business needs to get started. With this landscaping equipment, a new landscaping business can confidently take on any landscaping project.