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Setting Your Landscaping Prices & How To Quote New Jobs


A successful landscaping business establishes competitive prices. In addition, they have a process to quote new jobs. In this article, we’ll discuss how to set your landscaping prices and how to quote new landscaping jobs.


Steps for Setting Your Landscaping Prices

As a landscaping business owner, you need to be aware of your costs before you can set your prices. To do this, you need to consider the following:

  • The cost of materials
  • The cost of labor
  • The cost of overhead (e.g., vehicles, insurance, etc.)
  • Your desired profit margin

Once you have a good understanding of your costs, you can start setting your landscaping prices. Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Know your competition. Research the going rates for landscaping services in your area. This will give you a good starting point for setting your own prices. For example, if the average price for landscaping services is $50 per hour, you may want to set your prices at $45 or $60 per hour.
  2. Offer discounts for prepaying or for volume discounts. This can help you attract new customers and encourage existing customers to use your services more often. For example, you may offer a 5% discount for customers who prepay for their landscaping services.
  3. Consider seasonal pricing changes. Many landscaping businesses offer lower rates during the winter months when business is typically slower. In the winter, you may want to offer discounts of 10-15%. Then, in the summer, when business is typically busier, you can adjust your prices accordingly.
  4. Review your prices regularly. As your costs change, so should your prices. Regular price reviews will help ensure that you’re always charging a fair price for your services. For example, if the cost of gas goes up, you may need to adjust your prices to cover the increased expense.

If you must change your prices, namely increase them, ensure that your loyal customers understand the shift. They should be the first to know and the first to receive any discounts or promotions that you may offer.

Now that we’ve covered how to set your landscaping prices, let’s discuss how to quote new landscaping jobs.


How to Quote New Landscaping Jobs

There are a few things you need to take into account when quoting a job:

  1. The scope of work. Be sure to fully understand the scope of work before providing a quote. This will help you avoid surprises and ensures that both you and the customer are on the same page. To avoid surprises, be sure to ask plenty of questions and get a signed contract before starting work.
  2. The size of the job. The size of the job will impact the amount of time and materials needed to complete it. Be sure to take this into account when providing a quote. When you consult with your client, be sure to ask about the size of the area that needs to be landscaped.
  3. The customer’s budget. It’s important to find out the customer’s budget before providing a quote. This will help you determine if the job is feasible and avoid any misunderstandings down the road. It’s OK to ask them about their expectations and budget during the consultation phase.
  4. Your availability. Be sure to check your availability before quoting a job. You don’t want to overcommit yourself and end up having to turn down work. To avoid scheduling issues, use productivity software. It will help you keep track of current projects including complex jobs.
  5. The timeline. Be sure to discuss the timeline with the customer before providing a quote. This will ensure that both you and the customer are on the same page and that there are no surprises. It’s important to be realistic about the timeline and only commit to what you can realistically achieve.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’re ready to provide a quote. When providing a quote, be sure to:

  • Be clear and concise. When writing up a quote, be sure to include all of the relevant information. This includes a breakdown of the services being provided, the cost of materials, the labor costs, and the timeline. Be sure to proofread your quote before sending it to the customer.
  • Use a professional template. There are many landscaping quote templates available online. Be sure to use one of these templates to create a professional-looking quote.
  • Get it in writing. Be sure to get the quote in writing before starting work. This will help avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that both you and the customer are clear on the terms of the agreement. A written contract will also protect you if there are any issues with the job.



Now that you know how to set your landscaping prices and how to quote new landscaping jobs, you’re well on your way to running a successful landscaping business! With a little practice, you’ll be able to master the art of quoting and setting your landscaping prices.